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tv   [untitled]    September 18, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm PDT

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understand. i know there are essentially no resources. second, in response to the questions raised, i want to ask a specific question. the question and where are we -- i hope we are going to learn more about that on sunday when we have our retreat, but it is a work in progress. it is our job to make sure it is a real work in progress, but i am interested because i was very interested in our commitment to update the inventory and expand it, so it seems to me like we neede it. somebody could get back to us
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and tell us when that is when we might get a more updated version, that would be a good starting point during your -- a good starting point. >> i would like to us about the next meeting. september 20. what time and wear? where civil be at 6:00. it >> third floor? third floor cafeteria. we get thinner, too. -- dinner, too. i have a closed session meeting, so i will come right after about, and it is a little disturbing to hear there is a lack of trust. i would like to address about
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and talked to some members. it is not our intention to waste the time of parents and if not to listen to them. it is our intention to have parents assist us in making decisions, and i know i speak for many members of the board when i say we appreciate what you are doing, and with the middle school assignment process, we all listened intently to what you had to say. if we did not agree wholeheartedly to what you might want us to do, it is not because we did not listen. it could be because we also are looking at strategic plans, and as you mentioned, the score, so we are looking i've the
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information and -- of the information and how different groups are performing. i do not think it is the intention of this board to alienate or disrespect the pac at all. we greatly appreciate what you are doing. i look forward to seeing a deal on tuesday. gerd >> thank you very much for your report and your service. i know when i served on the advisory council, it was one of the most rewarding experiences i have had, and what i am sending is some real concern about our relationship with the pac and
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how much we value your input. there are a number of changes to the board adopted a result of conversations you convene as different school sites, so i do not want anyone to get the impression we did not change our decision making based on the feedback we received. we really did, and i hope parents will be interested in applying, because it is so critical to our decision making. our decision making becomes better because of the time you put in, so i do want to thank you. >> thank you 3 go -- thank you. >> any other comments? >> thank you for your time. commissioner norton: i just want
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to say thank you for the comments. i think you should hold us to some of the promises made. i know there were a lot of considerations, but i did hear what members said, and i heard there was a lot of misgivings about the proposed policy, so i think it is great, and it is how i see your role to say, we told you we were worried about these gains and -- these things and to keep us accountable. thank you for the reporting periods -- for the reporting. >> i want to also say it is not easy for us to say these things. we just want to make sure you are keeping your promises to
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your students and families. >> item f is public comment on consent items. i do not have any speaker cards on consent items. i do want to note as a reminder to the public in accordance with public policy, and individuals wishing to address the board on agenda items can call buckner board office -- called the board office prior to the meeting being called.
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you need to call them out prior to the item being called. item g is the consent calendar. i need a motion and a second. any options objected now? >> we would like to remove k21, and we would like to make a correction on page 105. for foster homes, it should cebe hsa. the listed code should be
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61,814, and 05-76-- there should be a credit of $60,000, and that is it. >> any items removed brennan reserve removed? any items severed for discussion? >> item k19 i have a couple of questions on. >> roll call will take place if there are no other comment spirit go no other comments. >> i would like to move forward item i, which is the resolution
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for approval. and we have the reconsideration of resolution 108, already approved on august 23. can i get a curriculum report? you are reporting for the commitment bowman -- for the commitment? >> it was forward with a positive recommendation, and i believe we did recommend an amendment.
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>> yes. should i give an overview? >> just hold on one second because we are going to have to read them as well. >> the committee did ask for legal counsel to draft an amendment. >> and another resolution? commissioner fewer: i would like you to read it into the record. >> the board of education adopted policies in 1991 and in 2003 respectively, and whereas in 2005, the department of
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defense created a military recruitment database that purchases information on individuals from outside resources for the purpose of military recruitment, including but not limited to websites offering information on college scholarships, college eligibility, and the department of motor vehicles, and gives the student does not want their information maintained on the database, the only way to opt out is for the student or parent to send in a form, and whereas it is the intention of the unified school district to give parents the information the best information for their children and to give students the best information to make decisions, be it resolved that the board of education expands its commitment of privacy of personal
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information by providing an opt out form so parents and students may suppress personal information from the database. and we will provide a copy to students and parents so they are aware of this option. the it further resolved the board of education requests the superintendent fulfills a system for students that they are eligible to opt out if they so choose. the last one is the one we added pursuant to the request of the committee. go >> we do not have any public speakers signed up for this. any comments from the board or superintendent on this item is? roll call, please.
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[calling votes] >> i would like to thank commissioner fewer for her work on this. next, this was already moved on august 9. if i can get reports. it strikes is it a positive recommendation? of drugs we did not. region >> we did not -- is it a positive recommendation democrats we did not. >> curriculum also gave it a positive recommendation.
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>> and the reading by miss richards. >> i will read the amended language into the record with the permission of the board. also before i do that, i just want to give an overview of the report to say that metro cost review result of insufficient -- metros review resulted in a sufficient review of the board. they also met two of the four requirements by the state for renewal of charterer positions.
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at the financial hearing, there were some requests for further information. i know members of the metro staff are here to answer any question the board might have raised on some of the questions at the budget hearing. i will read the amended and language. you also have a fact sheet with positive recommendations by the superintendent in this process. the recommendation is regarding metropolitan artists and technology high school. authorization to grant renewal addition, and i will read the
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amended causes of the resolution. the petition as required by law, and whereas the superintendent and the district staff completed the review and issued a report regarding the review on tuesday, september 13. >> thank you. and now i have quite a few folks coming to speak on this item. if you would come on up. [list of names]
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come up and present a red button vireos -- press the red button. >> i want to thank members of the board who are able to come join us and take a visit. it was a great experience to have new there. i want to talk about the way we are able to work with all of learners, english language learners as well as those at risk.
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we did this at many levels. one wages working with teachers at -- one way is by working with teachers at are learning center. our team meets bimonthly. we did teacher coaching, working to meet the needs of all learners. we have a psychological service center that provides counseling for all students for free four days of the week as well as our advisory program that each teacher provide services for students, and lastly, we will be able to implement our plans with
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the rest of the staff as well as providing southern psychological services. go>> good evening, members of te board. my name is hank woo. i am a parent of a senior. i cannot speak as a professional educator, only as a parent to a. it is important to understand my wife and i made a deliberate choices in the schools. we chose to have our children who raised in san francisco, to go to san francisco public schools, and we are very fortunate in our choices.
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we have fantastic experiences. despite the great affection we have for teachers and administrators, and both children ran into the limits of what the district could provide because of learning disabilities. my daughter was a train wreck waiting to happen. she deliberately flunked eighth grade because things were not working for her, and despite our great affection and dedication, we realized we had to do something else. this is extraordinary. a learning specialist we worked with, one in particular who retired at the end of sixth grade who stayed in touch with us constantly, the learning specialist said, and for what your daughter needs, we are our limits, but we want you to look
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darknesses an -- to look at this charter school. we at first resisted, but we investigated, and we said the learning model is different. the student population is different. everything was different, and it was a challenge, but it looked like it might be right, and to our joy, it was, so we went from a daughter ready to drop out and be a statistic to a daughter having an anxiety attack now preparing for college applications. thank you for granting the charter. i encourage you to renew the charterer and let others have the same benefits. thank you. >> i am a 10th grade student at
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metro. i first i did not think there was going to come back after i found out i was going to bayview. i came back because i believe metro is the path to the future. i was really impressed when i saw the 10th graders complete portfolios. i know this was the kind of project are wanted to complete. i know i could help% my work when i am in college. i think it is important to bee prepared and to get ready for the future. when it seems hard, metro has ways to protect us. when teachers stay late and do whatever it takes to make sure i guessed the grave -- make sure i get what i want. i know a d will not get me to college, and i like how no one at metro will accept that as a
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grave. good metro is a great school for people who think that all schools are the same period of people who think metro is the same as -- for people who think all schools are the same, metro is like a family. metro cares about coming together as a school that supports each other. because we are small, i feel like i get lots of attention. i know i am struggling, and when i need help, i can expect my teachers and the advisers to help get me back on track. this is important to me that i can stay focused and make my family proud. thank you.
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>> i am part of metro. [speaking spanish] >> i am on the true parent. i represent a lot of parents, not only me. we came to a conclusion i would come here because some of them are ashamed to come talk to you because they do not speak english like me. guar>> [speaking spanish]
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>> what basically brought us together is our language, and we are like a family. and we have our great psychologist who has helped our children. we refer with homework. he calls the kids, and the psychology they get when they do not feel ok.
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[speaking spanish] >> it is great for our children. we have the security of the teachers are with us. we are like a family. these are different schools from the other ones. i have another child who went to public school, and now he is in city college. >> [speaking spanish]
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>> as i have seen through my experience with my child, public schools are great, but if you put a kid in a charter school at the intermediate level, he might as well continue on the same path. >> [speaking spanish] >> i represent all the parents that have gone through this sensitive situation where we want to ask you to please
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reserve this school because it has helped us very much. >> [speaking spanish] >> i know the time is limited, but i have year experience of working out a charter school as well, and i know how could they are. thank you very much for listening to me. good night. >> i am in ninth grade student at metro. this is my first year in high school, and i am very happy to have it at metro.
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i chose metro because it gave me a good seal when i visited. i chose metro because of its small size, the way people treat each other, and the performing arts program. i like performing arts, because when i was younger i took acting classes, but i never felt like i got a true opportunity to perform, and i know i've metro i would have an opportunity to get hands-on with performing arts every day. another reason why i chose metro is because of its size. and my middle school was small, and i really enjoyed it. i thought this would be a good option for me. when i visited last year, i note his teachers were very supportive i knew if i got off track, i would always have someone to help me get back on track, and i knew because of the drama class this is a place


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